Robins Cost Consultants Ltd provide a professional and effective costs service to the legal profession. Below are some of the services we provide.

Bills of Costs
We offer a full bill drafting service. Bills of Costs are prepared to a high standard ensuring maximum recoverability. Bills are returned with all supporting papers to enable you to effect service once it is approved and signed, or we can effect service on your behalf. A detailed note accompanies the Bill highlighting any areas which will require your consideration and we will also detail parameters as to the expected level of recoverability by way of negotiation or detailed assessment.

Points of Dispute
Drawing from our vast experience and knowledge of the costs rules and relevant case law Points of Dispute are prepared detailing all meritable issues on the receiving party’s Bill of Costs. Accompanying the Points of Dispute is a detailed note outlining tactics, recommended offers and reserve figures to assist your insurer clients.

Preparation of well-constructed and concise Replies can often result in issues that have been raised in the Points of Dispute being conceded by the paying party. When preparing Replies we ensure that all substantive issues that have been raised are replied to in full, to include citing of relevant rules and case law. The Replies will also be accompanied by a letter of advice on any offers that have been put forward and future tactics to be adopted.

Costs Budgets
We have extensive experience of preparing Costs Budgets, negotiating upon budgets in the lead up to costs-management hearings (CMHs) and attending CMHs. Our Costs Lawyers attend CMHs across the country, including the High Court and are adept at providing you with tactical budgeting advice. We can also assist you in monitoring your post-CMO spend and to prepare applications to vary a budget, if necessary.

We are able to deal with negotiations on your behalf. You will be kept fully informed as to developments. It is recognised that it is not desirable for protracted negotiations to take place. We look to conclude negotiations at a very early stage or to progress the matter to detailed assessment hearing for resolution. It is our policy to request an early payment on account so as to assist you with cash flow.

Attendances at Assessment Hearings
In the event that agreement cannot be reached we are able to attend assessment hearings. Our advocates, who attend courts all over England & Wales, have in excess of 40 years’ experience in costing. Following the assessment hearing a full and detailed report is provided which will include details of the amounts allowed on detailed assessment and calculations of interest payments.

Applications/Part 8 Proceedings
We are able to deal with preparation and issue of applications with supporting statements. We can go on the court record for non-solicitor clients.

Costs Audits
We are also able to attend offices throughout England & Wales to carry out audits to ensure compliance of company practices, ethos and charges being made.